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Does your Windsor roof need some TLC? Here at Evershield Roofing, we’re your local experts for all things roofing, repairs, and replacements. We’re a well-established company with a reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our team of certified roofers brings a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring a long-lasting, reliable solution for your home.

Whether you require a minor repair, a complete re-roof, or top-notch guttering, Evershield Roofing has you covered. We use only the best materials and take pride in exceeding expectations on every job. We offer competitive prices and free quotes, so you can make informed decisions about your roof.

Don’t let a leaky roof cause stress. Contact Evershield Roofing today for a free consultation and get your Windsor roof back in tip-top shape!


Roof Repair: This covers fixing leaks, replacing damaged shingles, and addressing minor wear and tear.

Roof Replacement: This involves removing the existing roof and installing a completely new one.

Roof Installation: This applies to new constructions or situations where a roof is being added to an existing structure.

Gutter Installation: This involves setting up a new gutter system to manage rainwater runoff.

Gutter Maintenance: This includes cleaning clogged gutters, repairing minor gutter damage, and ensuring proper drainage.

Re-Roofing Windsor

Re-roofing is the process of the complete renewal of a roof. It includes the removal of the old roof and installing the new one. It might also require upgrading the supporting structure. A roof serves as the primary protection for our homes. It also safeguards our family from external weather and pests. Therefore, roof replacement or re-roofing should be considered a long-term investment. A new roof also adds aesthetics to your home and protects your assets. We ensure the strength and beauty of your roof by using high-quality material that extends the roof’s life. Contact us today for our re-roofing services in Gerrards Cross.

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Roof Repairs Windsor

Roof repair includes mending the older sections and the damaged shingles of the roof. After a rooftop has reached a certain age, various eroding forces like wind and water begin to deteriorate its original condition. Repairing your roof can be less expensive and risky when the damage is quite minor. So the moment you notice minor damages or other roof damage signs, hire a professional roofing repair specialist before it gets too late.

As a local company, we are skilled in a wide variety of roof repair services and promise to fulfil all your requirements. Our highly trained members exhibit excellent workmanship in repairing your roof.


Guttering is a narrow channel used for collecting the runoff water from your roof. The objective of Guttering is to divert the rainwater away from the base level of the house. This action will prevent water erosion and protect against leakage. Guttering can be a risky process, and thus it is advisable to hire a professional roofing specialist to fix it. Call us for an excellent guttering service.

GRP Roofing & Flat Roofing

GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic and is also known as Fiberglass. It is a lightweight but strong building material. This material is highly versatile and corrosion resistive. The two-part GRP roofing system was designed for use on flat roofing surfaces. This method has additional benefits. The roof becomes fire-resistance, protected from UV rays and copes with thermal expansion.

Evershield ensure to provide the best GRP roofing service. After inspection of your roof, our specialist will discuss your future expectations and preferences about the new roof. After thoroughly understanding your needs, we will install the best GRP roof for your house and make sure to meet your expectations.

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